WoW Horde Races

Welcome to the Horde World of Warcraft Guide. Here you will find WoW Horde guides dedicated solely for the Horde in The World of Warcraft. As you have choosen to play as the Horde you must now WoW Help Guidechoose the type of horde race which best suites your playing style. The Horde is made up of five different playable races which are The Undead, Trolls, The Tauren, Blood Elves and of course Orcs (We Will also discuss the Neutral Race Goblins).

Each specific Horde race has their own pros and cons so it's important to choose wisely before starting the game. Here is a brief run down of both the advantages and disadvantages of each Horde race. 

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The Undead - Also well known as the Forsaken race, they are extremely powerful fighters which have a set of unique spells which can be cleverly used in battle. If you are after a race with a nice combination of hand to hand fighting and magical spells then The Undead should be your first choice. The traits in which they inhibit are the Forsaken Will – which can greatly help reduce their fear towards other players and reduce their need for sleep. With The Forsaken will active, The Undead are can not be charmed. The other traits which The Undead carry also include Shadow Resistance as well as the ability to Breath Underwater. 

Trolls   The only type of troll which is playable in The World of Warcraft is The Darkspear. This Horde race is very handy in battle and most WoW players pick them because of their heavy weight as well as their unbelievable power. Common racial traits for The Darkspear include Beserking, which is where they unleash an overwhelming assault on the enemy. The other traits which The Darkspear have are Beast Slaying & Regeneration. 

Tauren  This race has a bull type appearence, are very powerful and are well suited for players that have the preference of melee attacking rather than using spells to defeat the enemy. The Tauren are extraordinarily effective fighters and do very well in almost all skirmish situations. The trait of the Tauren is the War Stomp – this is where they have the ability to stun the enemy as well as added endurance which gives them added resistance against enemy attacks. If you are undecided in which Horde Race to choose then I suggest you pick the Tauren. As a new player the Tauren has more than enough power from the get go. 

Blood Elves  Well known for the advanced magical powers they possess. It was thought that the Blood Elves where once part of the High Elves and turned to the Horde faction. The Blood Elves are well suited for those who would rather fight with their mind rather than with thier hands alone. The Blood Elves have skills such as Arcane Torrent which will silence any enemy that is within 8 yards. They also have a neat trait called the Mana Tap, and when used will drain the opponent’s energy and reduce the enemies spell effectiveness. The Mana Tap can also be used against groups of enemy. 

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Orcs  Due to thier fighting ability the Orcs are a popular choice among the World of Warcraft community. Although they are not that flexible, they do have alot of brute strength which does come in handy when in  battle. The Orc traits include Hardness which helps the Orcs resist enemy attack, while at the same time providing them with the axe specialisation skill. The Orcs also have the Blood Fury trait which is where the efficiency of the attacks is increased against the enemy and can even slow down the enemies healing time. 

Goblins –  Firstly I would just like to point out that Goblins are not part of the Horde faction as you may have heard. They are neutral with the Horde and are seen as friendly towards the Horde. The Goblins used to be slaves of the Jungle Trolls and as such they were forced into mining by the Trolls. They have previously done it tough and are the underdogs of the World of Warcraft. The Goblins are a mechanically minded race and can be very crafty as well being shifty con artists and great bargain hunters, who are always in search of a better deal.

The Goblin traits are Clever Tactics which when active increases their armour strength as well as spell penetration by 2%. They also have the trait Kaboom, which deals fire damage to one target on the battle field as well as all targets around that target. This trait scales up as you level up. The explosion itself has enough power to cause minor siege damage. The other trait which the Goblins have is known as Desperation and this will increase both their mounted & running speeds up to 25%. Although if the health of the Goblin is at or below 25% then the Desperation trait will only last for 20 seconds. 

I’m glad you have chosen to play as the Horde, and hopefully you have decided which race you are going to start out as. You now need to level up as quickly as possible as it is easy to get bogged down early in the game taking on quest after quest and not really leveling up. It can take the average player literally hours and hours if not days to advance through the first levels.  

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